People often say to me, "You have the greatest job"

It's a pleasant thing to hear, however, I'm not always sure they really understand why I believe it, so I thought I would give an example. Today I was working in the MMA (Met Museum of Art), a typical day for my company, but not anything actually typical. I am blessed to work in the most beautiful, inspiring of places, with the most talented and empowered people. I have to mention that my tools of the trade helped make this day so much fun. I used K-array loudspeakers and a Sennheiser conference system to complete the task. The outstanding part for me was that the museum doesn't ordinarily have board meetings in the 5th avenue museum and they trusted me to "make good wine," which really means "we have confidence that you will make it work."  Well you often hear "you can't make good wine without good grapes," but check out my grapes: Bronwyn Keenan (director of Special Events), Daniel Baruch (L&M master A1), and K-array and Sennheiser equipment (the best of the best).  All of this encircled by European artist paintings in this special gallery. It worked beautifully.

Well I don't ever want to take for granted one day that God gave me, and the chance to earn my next, so today was quite wonderful. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that later I had a meeting with the NY Philharmonic's Alex Johnston (manager) and IATSE crew chief (who inspires me) Rich Norton to discuss my new "you are always willing to risk your career" design to implement 45' of K-array Anaconda loudspeakers for the NYP film series.