Finding inspiration in an average day

This week I am designing and installing a 5:1 audio system for the NY Philharmonic's film series. Yesterday we did the load in and hung all the speakers. The stage hands at Avery Fisher Hall are consistently effective while being courteous and professional. Yesterday there was a stagehand named Keith, who throughout the day was inspiring to me and set an example for my son, Rudy, who was also on the gig. Keith is a veteran with a tremendous amount of experience who never once "read his resume," but worked with a polished professionalism, humility and talent. He taught me so many things just watching him. When we were all done I complimented him, but others quickly said, "It's his job.  He's supposed to do that."  My response was, "Well, he did it in a way that will change the way I work in the future." Thanks Keith, you're a class act.