Summer 2014 "Pizza Nights"

I actually had a stranger come up to me in Sawa  last week and ask "do you know anything about PIZZA NIGHT, what is it"? A person at the PV pool, "how do we get invited to pizza night"?. "I heard a guy brought his wood oven from NY to Cheryl and Eric's backyard".

Well I believe the word is out that we are having so much fun on Tuesdays in the summer of 2014'

Pizza Night starts at 8am when I drive to Staten Island to get my fresh ingredients: NY water, fresh yeast, Pastosa mozzarella, Esposito sausage, ricotta, basil etc. Then @12 start the making dough, @4 start the wood fire, @5 smash the San Marzano tomatoes, @6 prep the toppings, @630 first pie in the oven, the rest is a wonderful memory. 

So, Pizza Night is family and friends around humble ingredients, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Amore'. Making Memories.  A few pics of last Tuesday.