For everyone at K-array and L&M Sound & Light

Last night was such an exciting event for all! Traveling to Firenze @K-array HQ and celebrating a year's worth of passionate hard work while introducing the newest most innovative products in the audio industry. I was so proud to be asked to be a part of this monumental evening. I wasn't aware that I would be honored with the "Ambassador of the Year" Award presented by Alex Tatini (president). They also included video footage of an interview I had done talking about how these creative products changed my company's profile. But the highlight was being introduced as the USA's driving force for the new Firenze line of concert products KH8, KS8 & KH7.
Alex Tatini and the crew at K-array have continued the tradition of the world's most creative works being produced in Florence, Italy. 
Thank you so much for caring about what we have the privilage to do in a day's work. Also, thank you to everyone on the L&M team for working hard so I was able to make this trip. Without you this could never happen. Grazie' Lou