New York Philharmonic "The Art of the Score" 2001 Space Odyssey

I can hardly explain the joy and pride I felt last night at the close of the NY Philharmonic's Film Week. The orchestra was amazing!! I have been their resident sound engineer for 6 years, serving also as designer and equipment provider. This week I added a 5.1 audio surround system to reproduce the film audio while mixing in 2 choirs to the audio landscape. What a feeling it is to be there with the orchestra rehearsing, then mixing/blending audio for the show while located in the middle of the audience. I feel the audience's reactions, hear their breath, experience their wonder as they listen in awe to my favorite band, all while I'm involved creatively with every sound. They (production team) think I have a hard job, almost a thankless job....if they only knew the personal reward given the criteria. What an honor and a blessing to have a chance. Please read this review: