Tonight at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ

Dan Monaco, L&M Sound & Light's 20 year veteran audio engineer, drove the audio console at Pheonix Production's "A White Christmas" to close out their 2013 season. I have been the audio designer for Phoenix for 20 years while Dan has engineered the majority of their productions. I attended this weekend with my family and friends hoping that I would be able to hear everything while trying to enjoy the show, but what I heard was so good I could hardly enjoy the performers, I was too busy smiling at the work Dan Monaco had done. Dan engineered the same way a good maestro drives an orchestra, a clear understanding of the score and book and an integral part of the sonic landscape. Congratulations Dan for a superior job!  All of us at L&M are proud of you. 

A congratulations to Tom Martini and Phoenix Productions for continually raising the bar for community theater in our country.

Not in view K-array KR402's both stage left and right

Dan behind the Soundcraft analogue

Center cluster of DB technologies T4 line array

Center cluster of DB technologies T4 line array