Audio Design Award

Several months ago I was asked to create and produce an audio design for the Luciano Pavarotti Museum Exhibit, which currently is in residence in Verona, Italy. I chose to use all K-array loudspeakers and amplifiers for several reasons but most importantly for my ability to design a seamless sound that did not sonically interfere with other parts of the exhibit.  There were a total of 5 sound systems. The client was thrilled with my work and I was too.  

This past October, K-array held its global meeting of distributors in Florence, Italy. Sennheiser US, who is the company that distributes K-array products to my company, received this award at that meeting on my behalf. 

I have received accolades before, some more meaningful to me than others, but for all, I am grateful. This award is more personal, similarly to when my (class) orchestra would honor me at Christmas by collecting dollars (painfully, I'm sure) and presenting a gift that was so sincere to them and so exciting for them to give. I value that sincerity; Alex, Francesco, Andrea and all the staff at K-array, Firenze, have always welcomed me as family and respect me as a colleague. Because of their humble passion and sincere belief in what they do, it makes this award that much more meaningful. Thank you!