Martha Stewart's American Made in Grand Central Terminal

This week I had the privilege to design audio for Martha Stewart. I have been working on this event design for a few months now and with Martha Stewart for a couple of years.  Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall is a unique challenge, truthfully I'm not sure If I would want to produce an event there knowing what I know about its acoustical challenges, but for Martha I needed to do much better than if it was my show. I  was made fully aware of her expectation. 

The rehearsal just ended, the show about to begin and the audio applauded by all. I am a true fan of Martha, even though I have not watched her on TV very much.  I am an admirer of her ability, talent and no-nonsense way she wants the best. Most importantly, it is not just the best for her own financial gain, but how she truly cares, and cares when she's not in the spotlight.  Brava! And thank you for allowing me to be a part of your American Made campaign. Break a leg!